I fall in love with Hiawatha!

19 September 2009, 17:36

Hiawatha version: 6.17.1
Operating System: Ubuntu 9.04 Server

Hugo Leisink,

I came to know Hiawatha about a month. The unique features provided by Hiawatha are security and security that make me fall in love with her. I tested her for a while and then made her as my production servers. She is very easy to configure (except the cgi-wrapper for me at least).

Recently, I tested her more deeply for XSS and SQL Injection and she passed all my tests. Wonderful!

Hugo Leisink, thank you for your hard work on this project and release her under GPL. Keep going, hope Hiawatha will be as famous as Apache one day!

I love you, Hiawatha!

Hugo Leisink
19 September 2009, 18:27

About the cgi-wrapper: are you able to get the cgi-wrapper running under Linux (Ubuntu in your case)?

Have you subscribed to the Hiawatha newsletter yet?
19 September 2009, 18:36
Hugo Leisink,

I have subscribed to the Hiawatha newsletter.

Configuration of cgi-wrapper is a pain for me. It is not successful so far.

I have post my problem and config file here (at the last second post) :

I am looking forward for the renewed user manual on cgi-wrapper.


20 September 2009, 23:17
Hugo Leisink,

The CGI-Wrapper finally works after your kindly assistance.

Thank you.

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