How to install PHP into Hiawatha

14 May 2007, 13:59
I have install Hiawatha into my embeded system and it can work . But now I need to install PHP into system to make Hiawatha web server can handle much more web technology . I have download php from Internet and use gcc to make, which come out php file and config file, these file have been put into system : /usr/local/bin .I use php version is php4.4.6 I want to know how to modify hiawatha correlative files to make php work? Do I need to reinstall Hiawatha to link php? which file I need to change? Many thanks.
Hugo Leisink
14 May 2007, 14:03
I've written a HOWTO and a FAQ about running CGI programs. They can be found here:

FAQ: (CGI section)

If that doesn't help you, please let me know.

Make sure you use the php binary in the sapi/cgi directory, NOT the one in sapi/cli.

links to HOWTO and FAQ point to this website instead of old Hiawatha website
15 May 2007, 09:59
Thank you so much.
Quynh Pham
27 December 2008, 02:04
I try the links but not found
Hugo Leisink
27 December 2008, 09:54
Those are the links of my old Hiawatha website. Sorry. I will adjust them.
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