Hiawatha auto-update script

23 September 2009, 22:41
I made small bash script which takes care about keeping Hiawatha up to date on my Debian server.
You can download it here:
If you have any ideas/improvements, please post it here. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
Have a nice day.
20 November 2009, 13:24
I made a small improvement/bugfix. The archive was unpacked into the current working directory, that is now corrected.
7 December 2009, 08:55
Bugfix: dpkg parameter repaired, PATH added
Hugo Leisink
7 December 2009, 09:01
Thanks for making this update script!
7 December 2009, 19:25
Perhaps you could put in universe in ubuntu. As we have hiawatha in ppa
Thanks for the package.
19 March 2010, 09:53
The domain name has changed, here is the new link:
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