More Administrative command parameters for Hiawatha

23 October 2009, 23:30
Dear hiawatha developer, Hi use hiawatha in Puppy Official 4.3 version.

It´s very fast and small. (Just like Puppy)

I think it need some command line paramteres for easy and quick administration. For example, I didn´t see any reload or stop paramter in hiawatha then I had to search for the process id, then kill the app and last start hiawatha (again), when I did a short configuration change.

Also a status paramter could be good to know in a fast way, the binding configuration (A short port, interface and SSL status will be the fast way to know the actual service status). A server administration not always has the time to search for all configuration files and navigate throw all the options.

Resuming the additional parameters:
- stop: Stop providing binding service, but daemon is alive
- start: Start binding service.
- reload: Reload configuration file without killing and then restarting hiawatha
- status: A quick status view (port, interface, active service like SSL, PHP, etc)
- kill: To totally kill the process and stop running the hiawatha daemon

If you had managed a Oracle Database you know some of that paramteres are handy when you admin a server orservice, Well the start paramter could be redundant, but the reload, status and kill (or stop if start is not added) are really needed.

Thank you for the attention pleased.


P.S: You can contact me in the official Puppy Linux forum ( anytime.
Hugo Leisink
23 October 2009, 23:47
The Hiawatha source tarball comes with a start, stop, restart and status script. If Puppy didn't use it, it's not my fault. The Debian package, which can be build from the source via 'make deb', contains this script. You should post your question at the Puppy Linux forum.
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