error while executing CGI

3 November 2009, 12:47

I'm stuck. I have a page where I get the following message: "500 - Internal Server Error"

The log says:
Tue 03 Nov 2009 12:27:34 +0100||/srv/www/htdocs/npgm/httpdocs/index.php|error while executing CGI

Is there a way do termine the reason of the error? I believe it's a memory-issue (using more memory than allowed), but it is not the php.ini value. Is there a seperate CGI max-memory value?

Maybe there is another reason, but I can't think of one. Is there a way to find out?

Thanks in advance.

Hiawatha version: 6.17.1 (same problem with 6.15)
Operating System: OpenSuse 11.1
Hugo Leisink
3 November 2009, 13:36
You can make PHP write all errors to a logfile. You could try that to find out what's causing the problem.
4 November 2009, 09:10
I think it's no PHP error, since no error is added to the log. Adding }}} randomly in a file results in a new error line in the log.

So I think it's not a PHP-format error? What else can it be?
Hugo Leisink
4 November 2009, 09:53
What happens if you run the PHP script manually (from the command line)?
15 January 2010, 18:56
Hi Hugo,

i have some Error:
Fri 15 Jan 2010 18:38:22 +0100||/var/www/backup/backup.php|error while executing CGI

here is a php file:
// This code was created by phpMyBackupPro v.2.1
$_POST['db']=array("datenbank1", "datenbank2", "datenbank3", );
$_POST['dirs']=array("../", "../", "../", );
// This is the relative path to the phpMyBackupPro v.2.1 directory

Greeting Alex.
Hugo Leisink
16 January 2010, 12:36
Do you see an error message in your webbrowser? If not, please verify that in php.ini cgi.rfc2616_headers is set to 1.
16 January 2010, 17:12
yes, this it was, thanks.
but then there came the second Error, the CGI timeout, I have rised the time and it works.
16 January 2010, 23:00
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Greeting, Alex.
Hugo Leisink
17 January 2010, 04:21
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