FreeBSD-Port to 6.17.1?

15 November 2009, 09:35

Im eagerly waiting for the FreeBSD Port to be updated to 6.17.1 ;-)

Thanks Hugo!!!

Hiawatha version: 6.17
Operating System: FreeBSD
Hugo Leisink
15 November 2009, 10:44
I already sent a pr months ago, but nobody has responded to it. The 6.18 release is planned for today, so I'll send a pr for that one.
15 November 2009, 20:15

I mean, sure the focus currently is on the upcoming FreeBSD 8-RELEASE but your port really should be updated.
21 November 2009, 11:27
Indeed, it's kind of disturbing this latency, i used to have my own ports based on the skeleton of previous releases, with corresponding checksums and structure. This is acceptable as long as no major changes occur, but on long term it may bite back.
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