Start php-fcgi at Hiawatha-Startup

15 November 2009, 11:37

Is there a feature or can you add a feature to have php-fcgi run at startup of hiawatha if I want it to? Now when the system boots I have to start php-fcgi via rc.local which is not my preferred way.

Can php-fcgi be run at hiawatha startup automatically?

Hiawatha version:
Operating System:
Hugo Leisink
15 November 2009, 20:28
A php-fcgi start and stop script is included in the source package. It is located in the extra directory. Copy it to your init-script directory (location depends on your OS) and create a softlink to it in your runlevel init-script directory (location also depends on your OS).
15 November 2009, 21:08
I will try that, thanks but I guess in this case it's easier to run rc.local in FreeBSD ;-)
20 November 2009, 12:22
For this issue you might want to check PHP-FPM (PHP FastCGI Process Manager). It provides other interesting features as well
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