15 November 2009, 20:14
Hi Hugo,

Is there a way to manipulate the Expire-Header by Hiawatha?

I have a forum which is quite bloated with photos (community). In lighttpd I used mod_expire which always increases the Expire-Header by X days at each request.

Visit on 1.11., mod_expire sets Expire-Header to e.g. 3.11.
Visit on 2.11., mod_expire sets Expire-Header to e.g. 4.11.

This mod dramatically decreased the load of our server and traffic.

Is there this possibility which I have not found or how do you think about a feature like this?

Thanks for your feedback.

Hiawatha version: 6.17
Operating System: FreeBSD
Hugo Leisink
15 November 2009, 20:43
Thanks for your idea. I'll take a look at it for 6.19. Am about to release 6.18.

This might be a nice feature for the URL toolkit. If you send an e-mail to (so I'll have yours), you can be my tester for this feature.
15 November 2009, 20:58

I will inform our admin to contact you. He can help more with tests.

Thanks for your openness.

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