firefox cannot download files

24 November 2009, 08:25

Hiawatha version: 6-18
Operating System: sles-11


I have strange problem using hiawatha with php and mysql. When I'm trying to download some file with link which looks like:


firefox says it cannot download such file. But using another brower (w3m/opera) it works fine. When switching from hiawatha to apache, firefox is also able to download such files - so it's looks like hiawatha issue.
In hiawathas logs there isn't nothing special - exactly the same like apache logs.
Any help will be appreciated!


Hugo Leisink
24 November 2009, 14:01
Could it be the fact that a CGI program is allowed to run only for a certain amount of time, which is set by TimeForCGI (default is 5 seconds)? If the download takes more than that amount of time, the download.php process is killed and the download is aborted.
24 November 2009, 14:57
No, it's not that. I've changed TimeForCGI to 50 and the problem still occurs. The problem is that download process isn't started at all.
Hugo Leisink
24 November 2009, 15:11
Can you show me the content of the download script?
24 November 2009, 15:26
It's over 500 lines long. Where can I put it (or send you?)
Hugo Leisink
24 November 2009, 17:09
Please, send it to
Hugo Leisink
24 November 2009, 21:11
I think I found a solution. Edit target.c, go to line 751 and change "Location:" to "\nLocation:"

Please, let me know if this solves your problem.
25 November 2009, 07:12
Yes, now it works out of box!

Thank you for you help - hiawatha really rocks!
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