More verbosity on System Logs?

1 December 2009, 18:26
Here is another question that I am trying to solve. I am moving my OTRS system to Hiawatha. So far everything works fine except the link where one can reply to an e-mail. The system log of Hiawatha just says: "Error while reading request".

Is there a possibility to see a more verbose log entry in order to track that bug down?

Many thanks.
Hugo Leisink
1 December 2009, 20:16
That error can mean two things: a malloc() failed or reading the socket failed. Since the first one is not likely, it must be the second. What does the link look like?
1 December 2009, 22:55
Well, it is very strange as all other links in the program work perfectly. The link looks like this:

2 December 2009, 11:19
To track down this bug, it would be nice if I could run Perl with verbose output.

Can I set the CGIhandler to something like CGIhandler = /usr/bin/perl -V:pl ?
Hugo Leisink
2 December 2009, 22:25
That can be done by using .pl as a CGIextension and place the "/usr/bin/perl -V:pl" at the beginning of
  CGIextension = pl
2 December 2009, 22:50
Thank you very much. This works fine. However, I found that it is not easy to track down this bug. I am sure it has something to do with OTRS rather than Hiawatha. I more and more think Hiawatha requires very strict and faultless programming -- which is great as being easy (as Apache) opens all kind of doors for bugs and security issues.

Thank you very much for your always fast responses. I'll spread the word...
Hugo Leisink
2 December 2009, 22:56
Well, not really strict and faultless, but more like according to the specs and the standards. Despite what everybody thinks, even Apache doesn't always follow the standards. The way the PUT method is implemented in Apache is the best example for this.
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