Memory usage

Martin Eskdale Moen
19 January 2010, 14:54
Hi, I currently run 5 websites on a single vps server, it has 512 mb ram+1024 swap
However I want to reduce the cost and downgrade to only 256 mb ram and 512 swap, does anyone know how much memory usage I will have if I use hiawatha.

They all run drupal 6 and one has a vbulletin forum as well as the drupal front end. I currently have minimum amount of cache, only what vbulletin and drupal provide.

Only one has active usage and get spikes of large traffic.

I will probably build php 5.3 myself but use the stock mysql server

Operating System: Ubutnu 9.04

Thank you in advance
Hugo Leisink
19 January 2010, 14:59
Hiawatha won't be the problem. The binary is only 150 kilobyte. Whether 256 MB will be enough or not also depends on what other services you will be running. But for webserving only, it should be enough.

My guess: Hiawatha 5 MB, PHP about 50 MB (FastCGI daemon, 3 forks), MySQL about 50 MB. So, if you have 256 MB ram, you will have about 150 MB left for other stuff.

The amount of memory PHP and MySQL actually use can increase during page requests. How much depends on the website. You can lower the amount of used memory by using PHP as normal CGI instead of FastCGI at the cost of speed. If your websites are not visited much, it is a good option.
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