Can Hiawatha support IPv6?

11 August 2007, 12:57
Hugo Leisink
11 August 2007, 16:01
No, not yet. I'm working on it right now. But it won't be there soon. I'm not really happy about how the IPv6 API in Linux/BSD and IPv6 itself works, so I'm still thinking about how to make it easy for the Hiawatha users.
Hugo Leisink
19 October 2007, 11:18
Currently I'm working on IPv6 support for Hiawatha and the first tests look oke! It won't be long till I will release version 6.0 of Hiawatha (which will have IPv6 support of course )
25 January 2008, 09:54
Good to know this. I will change my Hiawatha from 5.7 to 6.2.
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