Congratulations to 7.0

16 February 2010, 12:47

Congratulations to the new version.

As soon as the FreeBSD Port is refreshed I will install it on my testserver to check out the monitoring feature.

A few screenshots would be cool though.

Keep up the awsome work!!
19 February 2010, 08:14
Regarding the updated port. I am working on a version but run into problems compiling:

/usr/local/include/libxslt/transform.h:15:27: error: libxml/parser.h: No such file or directory

any ideas?
Hugo Leisink
19 February 2010, 08:36
You need the libxml2-dev and the libxslt1.1-dev library
19 February 2010, 23:43
Hmm. I have both ports installed. It seems to be that there is a path error somewhere (maybe in the code).
1 March 2010, 16:57
Any updates on the FreeBSD-Port?
Hugo Leisink
2 March 2010, 12:11
Haven't done it yet. Will send an update to FreeBSD this evening.
Hugo Leisink
3 March 2010, 21:00
Follow the port progress here [].
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