How To: display directory info

20 February 2010, 01:47
Hiawatha version: 7.0
Operating System: Vista 64bit sp1
CPU: phenom black edition

Hi all,
I am newbie to making web servers do what I want but Hiawatha was so much easier and straight forward than banging on Apache.

My questions are:
1) Would be wise to have a SVN directory not use a index.htm so all folders can be seen? Could someone else gain write permission?
2) Is there a general SVN plugin for Hiawatha that I can use maybe with authentication?
3) I have a friend in New York, How would he find my tiny server in MO that uses DSL? Can one produce a connection string for him to get access to the svn server and a basic todo virtual server with write permission ie commits.

Love the simplicity of Hiawatha. There are so many pages on Ver x.x.x. of Apache I get lost.

Any comments would be appreciated
Hugo Leisink
20 February 2010, 17:04
Hiawatha does not and will not have support for SVN.
21 February 2010, 23:07
Why don't you use SSH plus bazaar (bzr) or git? It is much saver and even if your friend is flying from New York to your home, he may commit stuff without being connected to the internet...
Hugo Leisink
21 February 2010, 23:12
I also prefer SVN via SSH. Much much easier to setup and to control users rights.
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