3 March 2010, 22:03

Hiawatha version: 7.0
Operating System: linux mint


if i run hiawatha as root i get 'error creating work directory '/usr/local/var/lib/hiawatha'. this directory really does not exist on my computer. hiawatha -k returns
Using /usr/local/etc/hiawatha
Reading hiawatha.conf
Configuration oke.

this being my first try to get linux and hiawatha runing, i'm stuck. should i just create the directory? help, anyone, please?
Hugo Leisink
3 March 2010, 22:32
Does the directory /usr/local/var/lib exist? Create if not.
4 March 2010, 11:28
thanks so much. this was really fast and helpful

unfortunately, i've got a follow on issue. i try to get hiawatha working alongside citadel groupware as personal mailserver and remote calendar. first, i got citadel working - entering "localhost: 2000" or just "localhost" in my browser brought up the web interface of citadel. hiawatha returned the error that i posted yesterday. now, entering localhost gives me a page "Congratulations The Hiawatha webserver has successfully been installed on this computer". which is great i can't anymore access the citadel web-interface now. which isn't The hiawatha config file is virgin and binds hiawatha to port 80. I'm not a ports expert yet (euphemism). but i expected to be able to connect to citadel on "localhost: 2000"!? where am i wrong? how do i achieve that i can test hiawatha and citadel locally and that they coexist peacefully?

being inexperienced i can't contribute very much sofar. i came to hiawatha because of positive reviews and because there are descriptions of setup. i'd give them to you (if you want to link to them) but the links make my message seen as spam.
Hugo Leisink
4 March 2010, 12:34
If you didn't change the config, then Hiawatha will only be listening to port 80. If browsing to localhost:2000 works, then it ain't Hiawatha who is answering.

A quick look at the documentation on the citadel page told me this:
WebCit contains its own standalone HTTP server, so if you're already running Apache on port 80, obviously you can't run WebCit there. The usual solution is to simply run WebCit on another port (port 2000 is the default, but it doesn't really matter).

It looks like citadel has it's own integrated webserver and isn't meant to be run with another webserver. So, citadel and Hiawatha will probably be a no-go.
19 March 2010, 08:32
So, you got the same reply by another party, Right?

btw Hugo, the "other" c10k webservers (lighthttp, nginx) also offer http proxying to a backend application (which we sugest our users to use) Do you have plans to integrate such a feature into Hiawatha?
Hugo Leisink
19 March 2010, 10:11
No, because Hiawatha is a webserver, not a proxy server. There are tons of free open source proxy servers available, who can do the job perfectly. I have no intention to reinvent the wheel. (I did by creating Hiawatha, but only because Apache is a broken wheel )
dothebart at citadel
19 March 2010, 13:34
ok, so On future questions i'll know what to answer.
Its a little bit of a pity, since not all applications around offer fcgi frontends, and if you want to present several aplications under one "hood" talking http to the backend is a viable solution imho; for example I don't know of smart ways to use tomcat with a fcgi interconnect.
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