most secure browser

6 March 2010, 13:44

i think the most secure browser according to whom have a nice program to test for latest patches and security related stuff.
is google chrome 4. this in combination with hiawatha webserver will create a highly secure web-environment. Any thoughts on this are welcome.

Hiawatha version: latest
Operating System: windows 7 ultimate
Hugo Leisink
6 March 2010, 17:55
I don't trust Google with my information, so I also don't trust Chrome.
21 March 2010, 00:55
Hugo, I DO agree with you !
9 April 2010, 01:59
I don't trust *any* program which doesn't respect my window manager and slaps on it's own title bars and theme.

If you're worried about security in your browsers, then disable flash and all other plugins (But especially flash!), this will go a long way towards a more secure browsing environment.

Didn't chrome decide to "integrate" with flash, the #1 cause for security issues on the web? (followed by another Adobe product: Acrobat)?
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