Compiling hiawahta 7.0 on Minix3.1.6

10 March 2010, 20:51
Hiawatha version: 7.0
Operating System: Minix3.1.6

Hi Hugo,

I'm trying to compile hiawatha on Minix3 (simulated by VMWare/VirtualBox). Minix3 has been setup with bash-3.0, binutils-2.16.1, gcc-4.1.1-libs, gcc-4.1.1, grep-2.5.1a, make-3.80, unzip, wget (and many more).

tar xf does give a checksum error. Therefor I had to transfer the tar.gz to a zip file
unzip -a

Please add /usr/gnu/bin to the PATH variable in /root/.ashrc

I compiled hiawatha with the minimum options (just a secure webserver on secure os ).
sh ./configure --disable-cache --disable-largefile --disable-ipv6 --disable-sll --disable-toolkit

Then I get an error:
ssi-cgi.c: In function 'execute_command':
ssi-cgi.c:160: error: storage size of 'select_timeout' isn't known

My question is: what is going wrong?
* Do you (or somebody else in the forum) has experience with Minix gcc?

In my opinion hiawatha should be in the packman list of Minix3 (php,perl,sqlite,ssh and ssl are already available on Minix3) in stead of Apache.


BTW: The setup of Minix3 should take about 30 minutes.
Hugo Leisink
10 March 2010, 22:26
I've tried to compile Hiawatha on Minix myself several months ago. Wasn't able to do it. I don't know Minix very well, so I don't know why it didn't work. Perhaps Minix isn't mature enough....
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