Malcolm Nealon
8 September 2007, 21:31
I am struggling to get Hiawatha running under Ubuntu.

I need to have the server startup at boot time.

I seem to have successfully built the program, and I believe that I have correctly edited the startup script, which currently resides in /etc/init.d

My problem is that I need the server to startup upon reboot, (thus without a user logged in).

I seem to need to run the script as root (sudo /etc.init.d/hiawatha) in order to get the server started.

Is there something I am missing here? It should be possible to start the server as a service under Ubuntu upon reboot, shouldn't it? Just for good measure I will admit to having almost zero experience with Linux, and have only just installed Ubuntu 7.04 (OK 6.10 updated to 7.04 without problem).

Do I need a symlink in one of the rcX.d folders? and if so, which one? All of them for good measure?

Can anyone who has successfully installed Hiawatha under UBNTu lend a hand?

Hugo Leisink
8 September 2007, 21:42
In Debian, you can use the program 'rcconf' to define which programs should be started during boottime. Since Ubuntu is based on Debian, I think it will be available for Ubuntu as well. Maybe you have to install it first: apt-get install rcconf. rcconf takes care of the softlinks in the /etc/rc.X/ directories. Let me know if this solves your problem.

Hiawatha will only appear in the rcconf program, if a script called 'hiawatha' is present in /etc/init.d. Use the script extra/hiawatha inside the Hiawatha source tarball for this. It looks like you've already done that.

A second thing you can do is instead of typing 'make' in the Hiawatha source directory, use 'make deb'. This will create a .deb file which you can install via dpkg -i <.deb file>. This will automaticly take care of the boot issue. I think this is the best method to install Hiawatha under Ubuntu.
Malcolm Nealon
8 September 2007, 23:30
Sorry, no change.

There are symlinks created for hiawatha, but the server still needs me to start it.
Hugo Leisink
9 September 2007, 12:33
Have you tried the 'make deb' solution? Remove the source directory and re-unzip the source tarball. Go to the created directory and use:
make deb

In a directory below, a .deb file should be present then. Install it via dpkg -i <.deb file>. Because that works for Debian, it should work for Ubuntu.
Malcolm Nealon
9 September 2007, 14:32
Thanks for the help. Between yourself and the Ubuntu forum I have managed to solve the problem.

I needed to specifically point to the wigwam executable, and in the start_hiawatha function.

function start_hiawatha {
if [ -f ${PIDFILE} ]; then
echo -e ${YELLOW}"Hiawatha is already running"${NORMAL}
/usr/local/sbin/wigwam -q

This even though the containing folder is in my PATH statement


With this change the server starts as required.

Thanks for the help.
Hugo Leisink
9 September 2007, 14:45
Thanks for letting me know. I've changed the start/stop script so this won't be a problem in the future.

Please, let me know what you think of Hiawatha. Things you like and things you don't like. So I can improve Hiawatha.
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