Maximum number of total connections reached

26 March 2010, 23:53

My hiawatha servers often reach the maximum number of total connections without internet traffic
Then, I grow up ConnectionsTotal and connectionsPerIP, but they still reach the maximum
Now, I have :
ConnectionsTotal = 1500
ConnectionsPerIP = 800
I didn't configure any Ban[...] configuration line because I think they have no effect on the connections handled.

And I still can reach maximum number of connections with only my clicks (most connections come from zabbix auto refresh every 30s !)

what is the trick ?

Thank you

Hiawatha version: 7.0
Operating System: Debian Lenny
Hugo Leisink
27 March 2010, 09:55
In client.c, change line 243 from
if (now < client->remove_deadline) {

if ((client->remove_deadline == TIMER_OFF) || (now < client->remove_deadline)) {
29 March 2010, 14:33
It is not better...

I set :
ConnectionsTotal = 500
ConnectionsPerIP = 100

and problem remains.

FYI, the hiawatha monitor reports only a maximum of 16 simultaneous connections.

I have another question :
I am running a varnish reverse proxy in front of hiawatha with HideProxy = yes
Is it possible that the ConnectionsPerIP sould be based on client IP instead of proxy IP ?

Hugo Leisink
29 March 2010, 19:54
Please, try version 7.1. It worked for me with 7.1.
30 March 2010, 10:40
thank you Hugo

I was waiting for this version...
1 April 2010, 09:40

I need your help !
I still reach maximum number of total connections with 7.1 version, even with ConnectionsPerIP = 200

Hugo Leisink
2 April 2010, 01:01
I just tested 7.1 and it should work. What do you do to test the number of simultaneous connections?
2 April 2010, 11:00
Nothing special. I have only my vhosts (less than 10 vhost by hiawatha server) monitored by a zabbix web scenario and by the hiawatha monitor server
Concerning humans requests, I am nearly alone using them (sometimes some bots)
After some time (less than 24h), the max conn is reached, without any test campaign
What do you do to test the number of simultaneous connections ?
Can I just by-pass the max conn mechanism ?
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