Request: multiple StartFile entries

10 September 2007, 15:42
Hallo Hugo,
In the latest available version of Hiawaitha (5.12) it is only possible to have one start file in a directory. Currently it is a static html file: index.html
StartFile = <filename>

And now I am checking out Skeleton e.g.:
So this content is in a different subdirectory. And here is the default StartFile index.php.

So my request is that Hiawatha should look for multiple names in the StartFile section.
StartFile = <filename> [,<filename>, ...]

When the first filename does not exists, it should look for the next one, etc...

Laterrr, René
10 September 2007, 15:47
Hmmm, Preview and Save message handle greater than and less than different Check your forum code
10 September 2007, 16:20
BTW, Yes I'm aware that my current url example of skeleton isn't secure, because all the libraries are accesible.
Hugo Leisink
10 September 2007, 16:53
Thanks for finding the greater/lesser-then bug

About the StartFile, you can create a .hiawatha file in the directory that needs another StartFile setting and place the StartFile configline in there. Specifying a StartFile via a .hiawatha file is faster then letting Hiawatha search for which startfile is present. And since only one startfile can be active for a certain directory, it's useless to specify more than one.
Phil Daintree
10 December 2008, 11:05
Might be worth mentioning this work around for different start files in different directories in the FAQ that just says no you can't have multiple start files... it seems from the above note that you can if you just create a .hiawatha file with a StartFile directive in that directory
Phil Daintree
10 December 2008, 11:06
Ah ... you do sorry ... my bad!!
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