ajp connector

3 January 2008, 17:15

I have been looking at Hiawatha as an ajp connector to a servlet container like tomcat. Actually winstone is the servlet container, but it implements the same interface.

The design and layout seems quite straightforward to me, I think that I would need to modify the check_target_is_cgi method in hiawatha.c to add a new session->cgi_type and the execute_cgi method in target.c to do AJP, based on the FastCGI. As well cgi.c will require new methods to support the AJP protocol.

Is this something that has been done or thought about before?


Hugo Leisink
4 January 2008, 12:24
I don't know much about Java and I haven't done anything with Java and Hiawatha. But from what I've just read about AJP, I think the easiest way to use AJP with Hiawatha is to make a FastCGI application which can connect to a servlet container via AJP.

Implementing FastCGI was a complex process. To add AJP to Hiawatha will make things even more complex, so I don't recommend it. And by making a FastCGI-AJP wrapper, you have a webserver independent sollution. Which I believe is better dan creating an AJP-patch for Hiawatha.

Writing a FastCGI application is really easy. Here is an example C program. Just add your AJP code to it and use FastCGI in Hiawatha to use it.
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