Change to ConnectTo; deb for NSLU2

Jeffrey Sue
26 January 2008, 21:40
In the change log, the format for ConnectTo changed. What was the old format and what is the new format?

By the way, I'm running Hiawatha on a Linksys NSLU2, which has a Debian distribution for it. It has an ARM processor and a small amount of memory. Hiawatha and PHP-fcgi work well on it. It uses very little power. I use the make deb option. Would you be interested in me sending you the deb each time I compile the latest version?

Thanks for Hiawatha.
Hugo Leisink
27 January 2008, 12:17
The ConnectTo has the following format:
ConnectTo = <IPv4>:<port> / [<IPv6>]:<port> / <IPv6>.<port>

In the 'old' format, you can also use a space to seperate the IP address from the port number:
ConnectTo = <IP> <port>

In 6.4 of Hiawatha, this will nog longer be valid, because it's not compliant to any offical format.

Thanks for the offer of sending me you .deb package, but that won't be necessary. There are many Debian-based distros. So, I think it will be more easier to do a 'make' deb' on each of those systems then for me to maintain a long list of packages for each distro. But, thanks again for your offer.
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