Virtual Host Returns 403 Error

18 July 2010, 10:00

Hiawatha version: 7.3
Operating System: Ubuntu server

I've tried to set up a virtual host (with freedns,, but whatever I do, going to the domain gives me a hiawatha 403 - forbidden notice. The domain points to my IP. When I go to directly to my IP (, but with my actual IP), i get the correct page.

The pertinent section of hiawatha.conf is:
VirtualHost {
Hostname =
WebsiteRoot = /home/user/public

also, I have
UserDirectory = public
UserWebsites = yes

if it matters.
Hugo Leisink
18 July 2010, 10:04
What does the error logfile say?
19 July 2010, 00:26
Sun 18 Jul 2010 17:27:56 -0500||/home/user/public/index.shtml|CGI execution not allowed

Ah. It was an ssi-cgi problem. I put ExecuteCGI = Yes under the virtual host in the conf file and it worked. I should have thought to do that myself. Sorry and thanks!
Hugo Leisink
19 July 2010, 00:49
No problem and you're welcome
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