6.3 shutdown in Windows XP

Klemens Häckel
28 January 2008, 20:21

i am trying out the Hiawatha server 6.3, after using 6.2 for some php development tests, on my Windows XP SP2 box.
I am using the same config and startup configuration files as for version 6.2, and corrected the config file according to the hint in At startup there is no error message any more.

It starts up ok, and seems to work as expected, but CTRL+C doesn't work for me !! The only way i found to kill this version is using the task manager .
I would like to run this server on a Millenium box, but would like to know if there is a better control possible, since i don't want to risk the need for reset on that production box.

Thank You,
Klemens Häckel
28 January 2008, 20:30
Just to clarify a bit more:
I had tested Hiawatha version 6.2 (in XP and) on the Millenium box, and i could start ok, and stop using CTRL+C without a problem.
Hugo Leisink
28 January 2008, 23:46
Thanks for your feedback. I haven't been able to reproduce your problem, but I will continue to search for the cause. If you click on the close button of the window, does Hiawatha shutdown or not?
Klemens Häckel
29 January 2008, 15:02
No, I can close the window, but the process keeps showing in the task list. I must kill it there.
Hugo Leisink
30 January 2008, 00:28
If you can send an e-mail to hugo at leisink dot net, I will send you a new zip file with some changes you can test for me.
Klemens Häckel
16 April 2008, 19:47
Maybe I should mention.
No longer a problem for version 6.4 or 6.5.

good job.
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