Installer-free + PHP in ZIP?

23 August 2010, 16:47

I need to send a ZIP file to users that would contain a web server + PHP + scripts and would only require 1) unzipping the whole thing in a directory and 2) double-click on the web server to get started.

In case someone already checked this, could you tell me if
- Hiawatha can run without running an installer, by packing all its dependencies in a ZIP file and unzipping everything in the same directory
- Hiawatha can check for the PHP interpreter in the local directory, ie. without having to edit an INI file so that it finds it
- Once Hiawatha is up and running, it will just minimze itself to the icon bar instead of running in a console window?

Thank you.
Hugo Leisink
23 August 2010, 21:41
What operating system are we talking about?
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