3 October 2010, 02:13
Hiawatha version: 7.3
Operating System: XP

I was trying to automate the update of Hiawatha, however in the windows distribution Hiawatha.exe does not have any Version or ProductVersion property.
I haven't found the version in the registry either. The only way to get the version seems to be the Hiawatha -v command line.
Why not having all the regular fields of a windows exe file? It would ease the automatic update.
Thks for this great server!
Hugo Leisink
3 October 2010, 06:54
Since I am no Windows programmer, I have no idea how to do that. Note that Hiawatha for Windows has been created via Cygwin. I've tried setting the version via right-click -> properties, but that information is gone when copied to another machine. Any tips?
3 October 2010, 18:43
I don't know Cygwin, we should check if there is a way to add version resources to the exe file produced.
Otherwise you have an utility for creating version info on executable files without Resource Compiler provided with its source code:
4 October 2010, 02:27
Here is a guide showing how to embed File Version Information with mingw32/cygwin
Hugo Leisink
4 October 2010, 09:38
I've tried your suggestions, but it didn't work. The verpatch script shows errors and the windres trick didn't change anything in the Hiawatha executable.
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