monitor does't show new statistic

Markus Olkinuora
7 October 2010, 14:49

Hiawatha version: 7.3
Operating System: FreeBSD 8.1

No matter how ofter I run fetch_webserver_logs there is no new statictic generated. So am I missing something?

Hugo Leisink
8 October 2010, 08:25
Are logfiles created by the webserver-to-be-monitored? The logfiles for the monitor should be created in the 'monitor' subdirectory of Hiawatha's work directory. Look in config.h for where your work directory is (WORK_DIR setting). Note that logfiles are stored there only temporarily. Hiawatha caches log information. Once a file is written, it will be downloaded by the Hiawatha monitor server and removed. To see if logfiles are created, shutdown Hiawatha, because it will then empty its cache to a logfile.
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