Hiawatha Debs

7 October 2010, 23:08
FYI, I built some Hiawatha 7.3 .debs for my own usage, but thought I'd make them available to anybody who wants them:

My resources are too limited for a traditional apt repo I'm afraid. These packages were built in a clean-room environment running Debian 5.x.
Hugo Leisink
8 October 2010, 08:32
Thanks. I see that your website is still using Apache...
8 October 2010, 11:57
Yes, but you don't see me hosting hand-rolled .debs of the latest Apache, now do you? (Besides, it'd be like 5 packages + dependencies and modules, heh!)

P.S. - Speaking of latest versions, I've noticed your server is running Hiawatha 7.4. Is that something that's close to ready for public consumption at this point?
Hugo Leisink
8 October 2010, 12:17
My server is always running current version + 1. At the moment I'm looking at PAM authentication. Work is still in progress, so don't expect a new release soon.
8 October 2010, 12:28
Nice, PAM support would definitely be useful. I'm looking forward to it.

And back on the topic of my Apache box... That machine has been running basically the same software stack since CentOS 3.1, hence the Apache stuff. That thing's got several layers of security via scripts, modules, policies, etc. just to come close to what Hiawatha's security hardening out of the box. Haiwatha's among my favorite software, and it's already saved me a lot of the time and effort of trying to whip Apache into shape elsewhere. Thanks for all the hard work, Hugo.

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