Missing host statistics

1 November 2010, 18:16
Hiawatha version: 7.3
Operating System: Debian 5.0, amd64


I have the problem that some statistics are missing in the Hiawatha Monitor.

Short description of my current setup: One running Hiawatha instance with three virtual hosts. Two of these have MonitorRequests enabled, the third virtual host is for the monitor web interface.
The webserver is set to, port 80 without SSL in the monitor configuration.

In the Monitor I can see the client statistics for browsers, operating systems and origins for each hostname. So the cronjobs should be working.

The server and host statistics though are completely empty. Requests, bytes sent, etc. are all 0. The server_statistics and host_statistics tables in the database are empty, too.

Any idea what could be going wrong here?

On a sidenote: There's a small issue with the interface in the "Host statistics" view. I can choose between the virtual hosts in the dropdown box only when "Webserver" is set to "All". If I choose the specific configured webserver, the dropdown box for the hosts becomes empty.
Hugo Leisink
1 November 2010, 19:05
Hiawatha is caching the statistics, so it could take a while before those statistics show up (1 hour). You could force a flush of those statistics by restarting the webserver.
1 November 2010, 19:49
Oh my... next time I'll be more patient.

The host statistics are now showing up. And the dropdown box issue has resolved itself, too. Thanks.
Hugo Leisink
1 November 2010, 19:52
No problem. I'll write a note about this in the manual. You will probably not the only one running into this issue.
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