PHP-FPM doesn't operate as expected

12 January 2011, 18:17

first, I'm very impressed by this webserver. Great work

My question is, I try to run PHP with Hiawatha. I configurated it like shown in the sample configuration file (FastCGI block).
On the PHP side, there's PHP-FPM waiting for requests. I set it to MinSpareServers 5 and MaxSpareServers 10.
If I launch PHP-FPM it creates the PHP Cluster with ~7 Servers.

After throwing some traffic at it, Hiawatha behaves different to, let's say, Cherokee-Webserver.
Cherokee: traffic => leads to automatic spawning of new PHP processes via PHP-FPM.
Hiawatha: traffic => the number of processes keeps the same.

Couldn't this become a problem? Because PHP-FPM should manage the processes like with Cherokee. (Well, because the name says PHP-FastCGI Process Manager, I assume it automaticly spawns processes and terminates them if needed).

Excuse my poor english, it isn't my native language.

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Hiawatha version: 7.4
Operating System: Debian 5
Hugo Leisink
12 January 2011, 22:13
Hiawatha comes with a tool to run PHP as a FastCGI daemon: php-fcgi. You don't need php-fpm. It is true that the number of PHP processes keep the same. One process is capable of handling multiple requests. If more are needed, the main PHP process will take care of that.

Don't worry too much about how PHP handles things. If it works, it works.
12 January 2011, 22:24
Thanks for your answer

I will look into php-fcgi then.

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