Function of wigwam

17 December 2006, 00:49

I wonder what wigwam exactly does. What are non-fatal errors?

Hugo Leisink
17 December 2006, 17:20
All configuration errors that will make Hiawatha unable to start (fatal-errors), are checked by the hiawatha binary itself. There are a lot of other configuration errors (the non-fatal errors), but if those are checked by hiawatha self, it will make the config-check very complex (because of the way Hiawatha loads these configuration files). Wigwam loads the configuration files in another way, in which those non-fatal errors are easier to detect.

Example of a fatal error: no host is specified or the ServerId is set to root
Example of a non-fatal error: CGIextension is set to a extension that is also specified in a CGIhandler option.
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