PHP FastCGI daemon exited with code 6

19 July 2011, 11:23

Hiawatha version: 7.5
Operating System: Linux

Where can I find the meaning of the exit codes for php-fcgi?

I rebooted my machine and I keep getting this exit code when I try to run php-fcgi. I can run php-cgi by itself and bind it to a socket and it runs ok /usr/bin/php-cgi -b /var/run/hiawatha.sock but php-fcgi keeps shutting down?

Thanks in advance.
19 July 2011, 19:59
I've narrowed the problem down to a php shared module I'm running Zarafa Email Collaboration platform on top of hiawatha and it worked well until I rebooted to update my kernel. I went back to the original kernel and still the same problem.

If I disable the extension hiawatha php-fcgi executes ok. If I enable the extension, the php-fcgi server will crash. It is being tested with 8 users and so I've had to create a bash loop to make sure php-cgi is running. Unfortunately the only error info I get is PHP FastCGI daemon exited with code 6 so it's difficult to track down the issue without ptrace which I can't do until the weekend.
Hugo Leisink
21 July 2011, 22:07
The php-fcgi exit codes are the perror codes generated by the OS. You can use the commandline tool 'perror' to get the meaning of the code. Error code 6 means "No such device or address".

Perhaps a bad mapi option (invalid hostname or ip address) in php.ini? What are you using the mapi module for?
26 July 2011, 22:14
The problem ended up being a folder permission in etc/. Once php-fcgi switched the user to http, it was unable to read the configuration file for the module. Thanks for the perror info. It helped track it down.
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