High memory usage

27 July 2011, 13:05

Hiawatha version: 7.5
Operating System: Linux

I am running hiawatha 7.5 on Linux. When i start it, it takes around 4.5 MB memory. However, when i try to execute a CGI consecutively very frequently (sending 10 or more requests for a CGI one after another) hiawatha's memory consumption reaches around 10 MB, and it do not come down then. And when i execute same CGI consecutively with some time gap in between two consecutive runs its memory usage is around 6MB.

My question is why the memory usage is so high in the former case? Is there a way to reduce it? I tried with disable-cache option as well but results are almost the same.

Please suggest in this regard.
Hugo Leisink
28 July 2011, 00:38
The initial 4.5 MB is when all libraries Hiawatha uses have not yet been initialized. When it first receives a requests, initialization of the libraries will be done. That explains the 6 MB. When handling a lot of requests per second, the libraries use more memory to speed up things (memory is faster than HD).
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