Time out when uploading a file

29 July 2011, 10:42


I am trying to upload a file that is 5MB. I increased max_request_size and max_upload_size to 10 mb. But it is still can not uploaded. Firts i can see the uploading percentage up to %99 then waiting... is written and after a while 500 - ?nternal server error is written.
"CGI timeout" is written on error log file and "Timeout while waiting for request" on system log file. Why can't i upload the file? Can you help me, please?

Thank you.

Hugo Leisink
29 July 2011, 15:23
To make Hiawatha accept a large POST request, you have to set MaxRequestSize to the appropriate value. Second, you must allow CGI scripts to run long enough to 'survive' the upload time and processing time. Set the TimeForCGI setting to the right value (default is 5 seconds).
29 July 2011, 16:04
Thank you for your reply.
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