Getting connection reset when uploading file

7 August 2011, 00:29

Hiawatha version: 7.5 compiled from source
Operating System: Ubuntu 11.04

When I'm trying to upload a large file FF gives me the message that the connection was reset. It is while I'm trying to upload a db.dump in phpMyAdmin something goes wrong.

I use php in fast-cgi mode.

I have increased the MaxRequestSize to an appropriate value. SessionTimeout is 3600. TimeForCGI is 3600.

The logs show:
system.log: Timeout while waiting for request
Access.log: no sign of the post request
error.log: jquery-ui-1.8.custom.js|send timeout

Hope this is enough to be able to help me.

Best regards
7 August 2011, 02:33
Did you check your php.ini?
7 August 2011, 02:49
Or a permission problem on your upload folder?
Hugo Leisink
7 August 2011, 10:13
From time to time, I also experience problems with phpMyAdmin. Most versions work fine, some don't. I'm afraid that the cause of the problem lies in phpMyAdmin.
7 August 2011, 22:39
I turned off javascript in my browser and now I get 408 - Request Timeout returned by Hiawatha. Which setting is controlling that?
Hugo Leisink
8 August 2011, 08:40
Try the TimeForRequest setting. It should be placed in your binding block.
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