Suggestion to promote Hiawatha

24 August 2011, 12:37
Hey Hugo,
I Hiawatha use for almost a year. Before that I used Apache, Lighttpd, Cherokee, and luckily I found Hiawatha. The web server works perfectly, fast, stable and reliable with Hiawatha. I've never seen a project which requires so little support. How did you got it? Anyway I thank you very much for your hard work.
My question: I try to convince other IT pro's from Hiawatha, but that is not so easy. They want to see facts, ie the Banchmarks and evidence. Do you have any Benchmaks results, which I can demonstrate? If not, then let's make some. We must convince the people of Hiwatha necessarily. No one knows Hiwatha, only few of them have heard something. Pity some people use the crap like Apache, if there is such a great Websever.

Hiawatha version: 7.5
Operating System: FreeBSD 8.2
Hugo Leisink
26 August 2011, 15:34
27 August 2011, 01:14
Thanks Hugo, that's a good beginning
I like to discuss in various forums about Hiawatha, but there are people who say they like Hiawatha and would like to use it, but unfortunately Hiawatha is not suitable for web hosting because customers need .htaccess
what do you say about this? Can you fix it?
Hugo Leisink
27 August 2011, 06:38
Apache has .htaccess, Hiawatha has .hiawatha. Same principle, different name and options.
27 August 2011, 12:40
Yes, but you know what I mean
Cases in point are features of .htaccess, which are unfortunately not given in .hiawatha
I find these features matter, I have my beautiful hiawatha where I can configure everything perfectly, but other users need these features. I can think how much work and time invested into making them, as far as I know, hiawatha is one-man project and Apache is maintained by many developers. However, there is a chance that Hiawatha is in no way inferior to Apache?
Hugo Leisink
27 August 2011, 15:34
Can you tell me what settings you are missing in a .hiawatha file?

I don't think Hiawatha is better or worse than Apache. They just have a different kind of usage.
27 August 2011, 16:08
eg. redirect or (very important) rewrite rules etc. everything what you can do with .htaccess
As I said, I dont need this all, I'm happy with Hiawatha as it is. I give only a some reviews that I hear from others people.

By the way, I find that Hiawatha is the best web server and I wish that all Apache users switch to Hiawatha
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