TCPDF - very slow

4 September 2011, 19:02
Hiawatha version: 7.5
Operating System: Fedora 14


We have a web application running that relies on using TCPDF to churn out reports and receipts etc. On my development XAMPP install, these take 1 or 2 seconds at most. On the production Hiawatha server, the same process takes just over a minute. The developer of TCPDF has published some performance tips, all of which are implemented on both the development and production server. It's very strange and perhaps only answerable by an expert on both Hiawatha and TCPDF - I'm at a loss!

Any help will be very much appreciated.
4 September 2011, 19:17
Author of TCPDF has confirmed a bug, fixed in an update. Might as well delete this post now.

Thanks for Hiawatha!
Hugo Leisink
4 September 2011, 19:21
Maybe something to look at: do you use normal CGI or FastCGI?
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