Regular CGI but similar to mod_fcgid

12 September 2011, 21:44
Hello Hugo

I was wondering if it's possible to tweak hiawatha cgi wrapper so that when I have setup with regular CGI (not FastCGI) running CGI process will remain running for $timeout ( in mod_fcgid that's FcgidProcessLifeTime). As I see it now, regular CGI runs it's wrapper and dies and I want to save some cpu time but also don't want to run FastCGI where proccesses are always on even if there is no connections to that PHP wrapper. Hope I didn't messed this explanantion up : )

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Hugo Leisink
13 September 2011, 00:07
The TimeForCGI option is not what you are looking for?
13 September 2011, 00:27
I think it might be it but I am not sure until I test it. So lets say I set this to 300s.. Request comes, CGI is launched, that request finishes but another one comes in.. will Hiawatha serve PHP from that running proccess or it will launch new one and keep it for 300s.
Hugo Leisink
13 September 2011, 06:54
It will launch a new one. The old one quits as soon as the request is done. If you want PHP to remain running to handle more requests, you should use FastCGI.
15 September 2011, 20:35
Well I will stick with regular CGI then.. FastCGI consumes memory even when there are no connection(s) so regular CGI is OK with me. Thank you : )
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