Questions related to "PHP in FastCGI mode"

16 September 2011, 08:59
Hi Hugo and community,

My questions concerns the blog topic "PHP in FastCGI mode" ( ):

1. Where can one set a value for cgi.fix_pathinfo ?

2. Does the ExecuteCGI parameter affect the scripts execution in case of FastCGI? (The second question is related to a possible workaround of the issue in the above mentioned blog post.)

Thank you in advance!

Hiawatha version: 7.5
Operating System: Ubuntu 10.04.3
Hugo Leisink
16 September 2011, 09:12
Hi Yassen,

1) cgi.fix_pathinfo is set in php.ini. The location of php.ini depends on what OS you are using. For Ubuntu, the location is /etc/php5/cgi

2) The ExecuteCGI setting is a boolean, which tells Hiawatha to execute CGI applications or not. When using UseFastCGI, ExecuteCGI is turned on automaticly.
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