promote the win version

5 October 2011, 13:21
I have been using the Win version for more than 1y for a sensitive server that needs reliability
and i have had 0 issue. Hiawatha works as a service and there are many other processes that works on this machine.
Hiawatha is more reliable and secure than anything else I tested before.
dont be shy hugo, promote the win version as well!
Hugo Leisink
5 October 2011, 14:31
Thanks for letting me know. The reason why I added the warning on the download page is because I've had some issues with Cygwin in the past. I've received more e-mails from users who told me that the Windows version works just fine. So, I've added a comment to the warning on the download page.
6 October 2011, 01:00
I have used the win version on different machines with XP, with Win7, I use the webserver intensively on a daily basis for sensitive tasks - I would have noticed any issue. It is very reliable / simple and secure for me. I have used all the versions since 7.0 I think.
Well done, good piece of free software!
Hugo Leisink
6 October 2011, 07:13
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