Hiawatha VirtualHost

Ahcor Werdna
11 October 2011, 19:35
I am trying to host multiple domain names via Hiawatha, but I keep running into a loop. I can add them into their own "virtualhost" file under my "enable-sites" directory. But it always loops back to the main site. I'm sure that Hiawatha support multiple websites but correct me if I am wrong. My main statement is that I believe I might have the wrong configuration and need all the help I can get. Thank you

So my question is this.
Does Hiawatha support multiple domain names via one server? If so then how, and what would cause my system to redirect every "VirtualHost" to the Default Site? "Default site meaning, my main IP address"

Hiawatha version: 7.7
Operating System: Debian 6
Hugo Leisink
11 October 2011, 19:37
Hiawatha supports multiple domains names via one server. Can you post your configuration file? So I can see what goes wrong.
Ahcor Werdna
11 October 2011, 23:29
Thank you for the quick reply. I managed to figure out my issue. I couldn't post my *.conf it said spam. But I had another quick question that has to do with VirtualHost. Is there a way to bandwidth limit? I am using Banshee-PHP. "/files/" is using my whole upload by default That is a full 5MB/s, I want to limit it to 1MB/s. Is there any way to do this through Hiawatha or Banshee?
Ahcor Werdna
11 October 2011, 23:50
I believe I answered my own question. Could you please inform me more on what the "," represents and the number following? Thank you

Directory {
Path = /pathtolimit
ExecuteCGI = yes
UploadSpeed = 420,2
Hugo Leisink
12 October 2011, 07:23
The UploadSpeed setting is to limit the speed of the files Hiawatha uploads. So, from a webbrowser's point of view, it's the download speed. Hiawatha has to option to limit the speed at which files are being sent to the webserver.

The two parameters of UploadSpeed can be found in the manual page.
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