win 7 x64

26 October 2011, 00:13
To let you know than hiawatha runs fine as a service under Win7 x64 in the c:\program files\ directory.

One day it would be nice to have it compiled in 64bits but I gave up on my side: it takes hours and hours to gather all the right libs and compile starting from scratch.

Hugo Leisink
26 October 2011, 00:21
Compilation should be easy. Install Cygwin, install the C compiler, libssl, libxml and libxslt and use the following:
make win
26 October 2011, 17:46
and what are exactly the needed packages for cygwin Crypt, any other?
A short HowTo compile in windows would be nice on the site if you have time.
I have seen people asking for a Portable version, instead of the "c:\program files\hiawatha\" directory, that's something people could do as well compiling themselves.
Hugo Leisink
27 October 2011, 18:15
I don't know the exact name of the packages, but you need openssl, xml and xslt to compile. What errors do you get while compiling?
1 November 2011, 00:54
ok i gave up the other day, i will try again and let you know - thanks
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