cgi-wrapper seem do not work chroot

1 November 2011, 19:17

Hiawatha version: 7.7
Operating System: Fedora 15
I made ??all the changes displayed in the previous post

Hi Hugo

Hi have tested hiawatha into chroot but it seem work only with user of ServerId.

Hi have made all the changes displayed in the previous post (Hiawatha in chroot) but CGI-Wrapper seem do not switch to other users!

Hugo Leisink
2 November 2011, 00:38
I've tried the CGI-wrapper in a chroot environment. My guess is that cgi-wrapper can't read /etc/passwd because of the chroot and is therefor not able to retrieve user information. Try working with userid's only and copy the /etc/passwd file to your chroot directory.
2 November 2011, 16:33
Hi have already inserted /etc/passwd (and other system files) in the chroot directory but without good results

What do you mean with: Try working with userid's only?
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