Using PHP with FastCGI

8 January 2012, 14:40

I already have Hiawatha running on my embedded linux device with FastCGI.
I would like to use PHP to upload upgrades of our software.
I already found a PHP script example that allows me to upload files.
Do I need to compile and install PHP or can php-fcgi run that script?
Can someone explain how hiawatha, PHP and FastCGI work together?

Hiawatha version: 7.4.1
Operating System: Debian-Linux (kernel: 2.6.32)
FastCGI version: 2.4.0
Hugo Leisink
8 January 2012, 18:04
You need to install PHP. The php-fcgi application that comes with Hiawatha is nothing more than a tool to manage PHP FastCGI daemons. It starts and stops PHP FastCGI daemons, nothing more. PHP runs as a deamon, just like Hiawatha. Hiawatha connects to PHP (via TCP or UNIX sockets) and passes on the request. PHP executes the requested script and returns the output to Hiawatha, which passes it on to the client.

What do you mean with FastCGI version 2.4.0? FastCGI is a protocol. A protocol is not something you can install. What is it you installed which is version 2.4?
9 January 2012, 09:54
Hi Hugo,

Thanks for the clarification!
I meant FastCGI development kit

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