Changelog hiawatha-8.0-rc5

25 January 2012, 11:51
Hi Hugo,
please show us changelog for hiawatha-8.0-rc5

Hiawatha version: 7.8.2
Operating System: FreeBSD
Hugo Leisink
25 January 2012, 12:55
Just download the 8.0-rc5 package and extract the ChangeLog file from it.
26 January 2012, 23:59
ok, thx
27 January 2012, 13:48
Why PolarSSL instead OpenSSL?
OpenSSL is no longer supported?
Hugo Leisink
27 January 2012, 14:28
OpenSSL is indeed no longer supported in Hiawatha. I moved away from OpenSSL because it's badly documented []. It required some ugly callback stuff to make it work in a multi-threaded application, which Hiawatha is. PolarSSL on the other hand is well documented. It comes with a lot of example code, it has a cleaner API and is easier to learn and to understand.

Actually, when you've seen PolarSSL, you wonder why people still use OpenSSL.
27 January 2012, 14:57
Ok, but hopefully there are no compatibility issues
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