Hiawatha Monitor 403 error

Jack Johnson
4 March 2012, 04:13
I have Hiawatha successfully installed and operational with PHP. I just finished setting up the Hiawatha Monitor 0.4 according to the README file that came with it but when I try to access the monitor site I get a 403 forbidden page. I checked /var/log/hiawatha/monitor-error.log and there is a line that says:|Sat 03 Mar 2012 19:01:26 -0800|/var/lib/hiawatha/monitor/|access denied via accesslist

for each time I have attempted. I don't know what access list it is talking about. I even put AccessList = allow all in ther global and vhost configuration and restarted the Hiawatha service but I have the same denied problem. What am I missing?

Hiawatha version: 8.1
Operating System: Ubuntu 11.10 (x64)
Hugo Leisink
4 March 2012, 08:06
You must understand the difference between a monitor client and a monitor server.

CLIENT: All webservers that host normal websites are the monitor clients. They collect statistical information about the webpage visits. They write that information in logfiles (in /var/lib/hiawatha/monitor) and make them available for the monitor server via a website that is defined internally. This special website can only accessed from the monitor server. A client knows the IP-address of the monitor server via the MonitorServer setting and creates an AccessList from it.

SERVER: The monitor server is the one that collects all statistical information from the webservers it monitors; the monitor clients. This information can be viewed via the Hiawatha Monitor PHP webapplication which you installed.

According to the log line you provided, you tried to access the monitor client. Only the monitor server is allowed to access that website. When setting up the Hiawatha Monitor PHP website, you specifed a Hostname. Try visiting that website.
Jack Johnson
5 March 2012, 02:47
By monitor website you mean the vhost hostname I specified? If so, that's the site I"m trying to go to. I called it monitor for the vhost hostname and when I put the monitor hostname in my browser it takes me to it but I get the 403 forbidden page and the log says denied by access list. How do I get to the WebUI for the Hiawatha Monitor like the screenshot shows on the Hiawatha Monitor page with bar graphs in it? It's on the same server and I don't have it setup to only monitor a specific vhost.
Hugo Leisink
5 March 2012, 07:59
The hostname of the client's vhosts is "monitor". I thought this to be a safe hostname, because it contains no domainname. Rename the hostname of your Hiawatha Monitor website to something other than "monitor".

I'll build in a check for this.
Jack Johnson
5 March 2012, 08:22
Yep, that was causing the problem. I changed the hostname for the vhost to "mywebsite" and now it's loading the Hiawatha Monitor page. Thanks for your help, Hugo!
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