EnablePathInfo within Alias

4 March 2012, 16:03
Hello Hugo,

I'd like to bring up an older topic:

Recently I tried to install chive from
and I ran into the same problem: EnablePathInfo doesn't work for aliases.

Are there any reasons to keep it that way? To me it seems like a bug.


Hiawatha: 8.1
OS: Debian wheezy

Hugo Leisink
5 March 2012, 20:47
The reason is that to make PathInfo work, I already had to do some ugly trickery inside Hiawatha. To me, PathInfo is a deprecated technique and I'd like to see it gone, the sooner the better. To make PathInfo work with aliases requires even more trickery, which is not something I'm gonna do. Sorry.
6 March 2012, 10:03

thanks for you answer. I totally agree, PathInfo, URLRewrite and stuff like that look like an ugly hack. Sadly, some projects are still using it. Chive claims, that "It's designed ... with state of the art web technologies". The popular Yii Framework actually encourages that: 2. - User-friendly URLs, 6. - Hiding index.php...

Hiawatha supports these hacks, so I'm happy with that. Let's hope for better standards and programming techniques in the future

Thanks for your support and great work,
Hugo Leisink
6 March 2012, 10:40
I only dislike PathInfo. I think URL rewrites are oke. They look nicer and the idea is a lot cleaner than PathInfo.

And about Yii and 'state of the art web technologies'... wel... let's say that I have another idea of 'state of the art'...
6 March 2012, 16:25
URL Rewrite definitions look different in every webserver. Everybody is just too lazy to support anything else than apache, and I have to rewrite the definitions by myself, for every webapp that needs them.. it's annoying. The way-cooler-less-spread webservers like Hiawatha are being discriminated here.

This is why I dislike URL Rewrites, they discriminate!!!
6 March 2012, 16:35
Anyway, this is too much off-topic flame, so I just wish you good luck and hope for more support for your cool webserver Hiawatha!

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