I've released a first beta version of Hiawatha v10.0. The ChangeLog for this release is:

  • Usage of Directory sections changed.
  • Added support for RFC 5785.
  • Added support for GZip compression. Removed the UseGZfile option.
  • Added ECDSA support for TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1.
  • Replaced UrlToolkit Expire option with ExpirePeriod in Directory section.
  • Replaced IgnoreDotHiawatha option with UseLocalConfig.
  • Removed the VolatileObject option.
  • Improved SQL injection detection.
  • mbed TLS updated to 2.2.0.

I really like to hear your thoughts on this one. A copy can, as always, be obtained at the download page.

Chris Wadge
14 November 2015, 20:48
Beta packages for Debian are up here: https://files.tuxhelp.org/hiawatha/BETA/
17 November 2015, 14:45
Is GZip compression always enabled? At least it works according to PageSpeed Insights I've also tested RFC 5785 funtionality with Let's Encrypt. It works! New Directory sections work (tested with ExpirePeriod and password protection of directories).
Hugo Leisink
17 November 2015, 22:59
If the browser tells Hiawatha that it supports GZip compression, Hiawatha will use it.
Kapageridis Stavros
19 November 2015, 12:32
Hi Hugo,
Can someone provide an example of hiawatha.conf,cgi-wrapper.conf, and /enable-sites/example.com.conf ?

Hugo Leisink
19 November 2015, 14:34
Hi Stavros. An example hiawatha.conf can be found here. What kind of examples are you looking for?
19 November 2015, 20:55
Can Hiawatha use with Kibana?
Hugo Leisink
20 November 2015, 00:16
I guess it will. Kibana spawns its own webserver, right? So it should work via a reverse proxy.
Kapageridis Stavros
20 November 2015, 20:47
Hi Hugo, sorry to answer so late. I need to know how and what i must change if conf files from hiawatha v9.15 to 10.
21 November 2015, 03:44
Kibana (https://www.elastic.co/products/kibana and https://github.com/elastic/kibana) is javascript application and it reads json file. It works with Apache. Does Hiawatha can work with javascript based application?
Hugo Leisink
22 November 2015, 01:15
@Stavros: See ChangeLog for details
@samiux: If it can talk (Fast)CGI, yes, sure.
Marco Bignami
23 November 2015, 20:16
Hi, should be possible for the stable release (or any future release) tho have a configurable "TLS string" to specify ciphers?