12 April 2016, 08:03

"The small but secure Hiawatha web server provides an appealing alternative to the complex Apache and other alternatives."

Security on the Internet is vital. The Hiawatha web server is a small (and free) web server that subscribes to the principle "security by default."

The upcoming edition of the Admin magazine will contain a story about Hiawatha. Many thanks to Hans-Cees Speel.

Kapageridis Stavros
12 April 2016, 08:48
12 April 2016, 13:57
13 April 2016, 00:12
Awesome. Always good to see recognition being given to those, both projects and individuals, that deserve it.
13 April 2016, 10:02
great! , good things need more presence
3 June 2016, 12:03
It was an interesting reading.
I've made a few changes to my config as it allowed me understasnd a few things better.
My only criticism : why haven't they used the built in lets encrypt feature for generating the ssl cert?
Hugo Leisink
4 June 2016, 16:22
The article was sent to them long before Hiawatha v10.2 was released.
2 September 2016, 16:25
Free Article: http://www.admin-magazine.com/Archive/2016/32/Security-first-with-the-Hiawatha-web-server