The Hiawatha v10.2 source package contains a script which can be used to retrieve a Let's Encrypt certificate. A few changes have been made to the AccessList and PasswordFile option to make the obtaining of a Let's Encrypt certificate easy. Consult the manual page for the details. The script can be found in the source package in the directory 'extra'.

Kapageridis Stavros
1 May 2016, 22:25
Updated successfully.
Thank you Hugo.
1 May 2016, 23:11
OpenBSD and Raspbian successfully Thank you
2 May 2016, 12:20
Thanks hugo, hiawatha Ubuntu ppa updated
2 May 2016, 14:28
Hi Hugo,

This is good update, a lot of people use it and will use in the future. Anyway, this is 1st time i got mail about update to my spam box, check on your side if your mail server have all what need, dkim, dmarc, spf records etc.. you can test all with mail-tester.com, you need to get 10/10.

3 May 2016, 12:54
Successful update without errors via ppa on Ubuntu 16.04 server.
18 May 2016, 16:20
Good update. No problems. I'm going to email you at some point. I work at one of the UK's biggest Universities now and hope to be rolling out Hiawatha as the front end for the Uni's PHP stack.
Hugo Leisink
18 May 2016, 16:22
Sounds great!
26 May 2016, 22:27
Great update, I love Hiawatha!